From Jonny :

Chris helped me from losing money on 2 deals I tried to do myself. His team came in after these homes were on the market for over 3 months with no offers. Chris analyized the homes and performed some value creating repairs then relisted them. 1 home I choose to keep and have made over $25k in rental income and the 2nd home was sold right away. Since then I have been investing my IRA with Chris’s company and he has provided me with a stead increase in my portfolio. Thank you Chris for all you do. It is a pleasure working with you.

From Mike :

I have been investing with Chris from Property To Profits for many years and he has exceeded all of my expectations. His system of operation is beyond exceptional. I would recommend to anyone who wants to Jearn how to “Fix and Flip” homes to contact Chris to schedule an appointment. He is a true Rock Star Real Estate Investor.

From Nick :

Chris has paid me good returns on my money for many years now. His payments come to me before the payment due date. I’m proud to be working with him as a private lender and I recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning about the private lending process. I also enjoy looking at the quality work his company does. He really has a strong passion for residential housing and produces top of the line houses. Chris has a strong work ethic and he isn’t afraid to get dirty on the job. He pays attention to the details of the homes he flips and that makes for a secure investment.

From Dave :

My bathroom was in dire need of a makeover and after knowing Chris over the past 10 years through business networking and now a great friend, he was the only person I trusted to come through and get the job done. He did just that. My family and I left for a couple days and when we came back he had transformed our bathroom from being dull to a bathroom we were excited to walk in. Who would of thought a bathroom would get us excited! Thanks Chris