Property Acquisition

It’s not a myth. We can get you properties below market value. Here’s how it works, what we offer, and a brief summary of how it works.

1. Preview and Offer Strategy. We send our team of agents on the road everyday looking at all the inventory that makes sense for landlords and retail flippers. We have a team of offer writers who prepare offers on all these properties. We can typically write 5-50 offers a day for our investor clients. Most of these offers will be rejected because our purchasing formula is ultra safe. You can expect to get a home at 60-80% of value after repairs. Our client investor will provide us with a proof of funds, EMD deposit, buying criteria, signed Non-Exclusive Buyer Assistance Agreement, and execute a Power of Attorney for us to sign purchase agreements on their behalf. These properties come directly off the MLS and will always have an inspection period for investor review prior to closing. This service is free to our clients as like most real estate transactions the buyers agent is paid by the seller of the property.

2. Targeted Mailings. We have developed a semi automated mailing system to target market to certain groups that maybe in need of selling a property fast. These people are often willing to sell their property for a substantial discount if the transaction can be closed quickly, without contingencies and for all cash. These properties are only available to our clients on a wholesale or partnership basis. This is the most time consuming process to acquire properties but it is also the most profitable by far. These are most used purchasing strategies by my team of agents.

Real Estate investors make their money on the purchase. As an investor, rather you buy properties to wholesale, hold long term as rentals or fix and flip for retail sale, you have to purchase correctly. This can be achieved with many different activities. At “Property to Profits” we use only a few strong aquisition strategies to fulfill our purchasing objectives. We offer our clients houses that are below market value .