About Us :

I started my real estate investing career in 2007 as a rehab contractor that worked exclusively for investors. This was a great opportunity for me to learn how to be efficient with productivity and budgets. After completing almost 50 full rehabs within the first year, I soon found out that the quality of the product being put on the market was directly proportionate to the amount of proof the investor will make. With that in mind it only made sense to find a way to systematize a process for easy duplication. I have done so with my “Property To Profits” Fix And Flip System. Since 2007 I have been perfecting and becoming fluent in all aspects of Fix and Flips. I have years of on-the-job experience creating direct value in investment homes. I have figured out how to control the every day, on the job grind of value creation and have learned how to perform all job titles within the rehab process. I have found creative ways for private lenders to capitalize in the Fix and Flip market without doing any of the work. Currently, I spend a great deal of my time teaching students how to duplicate my results so strategic alliances and joint ventures can be successfully formed.
I also own and operate the “Greenville Real Estate Association“. 

I live in Greenville, South Carolina with my partner and wife Cheryl, our 2 kids, and our Dog.